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Re: rowing exersize

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I have no issue with KI skills, infact I talk about them daily and demonstrate how to apply them in training in my limited knowledge. I know of no other way to describe connecting your breathing, kokyu, movement of hips, using your power from your base/ground.
Well, the jin thing is somewhat related to what you're talking about, but it's like the difference between a laser-beam and an Eveready flashlight. You're talking about light in both of them, but the laser is very much more focused and has more possibilities. However, if you've never seen a laser and the description sounds a lot like the flashlight you know, and all your friends have flashlights just like yours, then you're going to think the laser guy is over-hyping his flashlight.
However, when Dan makes some of the statements, which to me are pretty darn bold claims on occasion.
That Dan... he's a caution, ain't he?
Martial perspective that is. Not philosophical, not yoga perspective, or chakras, or enlightment, ki or anything else....simply martial perspective.
Well, if something doesn't have a practical application, I'm not interested in it. And frankly, if you really dig into the chakras, kundalini, ki, etc., stuff, it all came from something very practical that is related to the qi/ki stuff. I didn't understand that for years and I'm going to save you a little time by telling it to you. Those ancient people didn't have TV's, but they did get into body technology and it was based on some strange but *real* things the body can do. And they tossed in a lot of garbage into it, too, but that's quibbling.

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