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Re: rowing exersize


I was just thinking. I do believe that there are more people out there that get it than you guys sometimes give credit to. Many of the BJJ black belts I have rolled with get it quite a bit I think.

I think the difference lie in that concept we either love or hate...and that is aliveness.

I mean how can you really understand ki, kokyu and all this if you simply practice basic waza or the equivilant of kata all the time?

I can roll with like 40 novice students in my combatives class, one after the other for over an hour, dominating and submitting them...most of them 20 years old...21 years my younger and gassing out from using strength...yet my heart rate will barely go over 120, and I am not hardly breaking a sweat. I go with the flow, control them, move around, redirect their energy, take them down paths, influence their motion...etc..

What would you call that? It is not using strength, or speed.

I believe it is the equivilant of what you call internal.

It is something all decent BJJ advanced blue, purple, brown and blackbelts can do and demonstrate.

At the same time, I don't do very well at push hands, and you'd probably crush me in push hands as it is not something I have done much or have had a good teacher to work with on it.

Does the fact that I can't play in the realm of push hands mean I don't get it?

Or that I simply have not developed skills at that range?

I don't believe it is fair to judge someone getting it or not simply because they cannot do the exercises that you do...there is a spectrum and perspective invovled.

That said, I agree, there are many schools and teachers out there that are teaching garbage, and professing to understand things that they cannot demonstrate or do without the parameters of control and constraint that they create around themselves to protect their image or reputation.

It is easy to do this when you remove the aliveness aspect out of the training.

For those that don't understand. Aliveness is not about MMA or kicking or punching necessarily. It is about training in a way of non-compliance that is non-cooperative, yet cooperative in the spirit of learning.

In aliveness training, it quickly is apparent who knows what, and what they can teach, and where their weaknesses are in training.
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