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Re: rowing exersize


I actually make no distinction between external and internal skills. There is either things that work, or things that don't work. I think done properly using proper mechanics is what usually is called internal.

I do understand that a Straight punch down the middle hitting a head that is immobilized by a wall or ground is not necessarily considered internal...but what is the point of defining things, and what got them to this point to begin with.

Yes I sincerely want to be shown where I am wrong.

In Mike Sigman's defense, he will acknowledge that what he isolates out is simply exercises to help someone reach a deeper understanding of the internal dynamics. This I have no issue with what-so-ever. This I believe is the value of aikido.

I do have issue with those that profess they have a deeper martial understanding and proceed to say, "I don't get it". It could be that I don't..certainly I can learn and don't know everything. I don't think I am that far off though.

What I really have issue with is the realitive value of this limited and theorectical training. Even Mike concedes that Tito Ortiz would probably mop up the floor with a 105 lb China man.

So, what is the point?

Dan has pointed out in the past to me, that would I consider it if it would improve my game? Absolutely I would.

However, Did I simply misunderstand you Dan when I quoted you above. You are proposing that a internalist that "gets it" can control and externalist that doesn't get it.

Yes I'd by that in the sense that I have been with Tai Chi guys that are much better at me in Tai Chi....however, when we take down the rules, they have never been able to show me where their so called years of martial training are superior to mine.

Does it help me? yes...I have learned much from them and from aikido.

Does it mean that they get it" more than I martially...NO not at all.

My buddy and pro MMA fighter and trainer, Steve Van Fleet, is about the only guy I have ever met that has demonstrated proficiency in things like Tai Chi and can apply those skills in a full NHB situation. He does not talk in special mumbo jumbo about separating out internal from external and get into long intellectual discussion designed to distill and separate this stuff out....he simply says...dude just train and go with it.
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