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Keith R Lee
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Re: rowing exersize

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
AND THIS....this is what I really, really want to see, or try in person. For someone to demonstrate with a decent so-called or labeled, "externalist" with a so-called for instance...go toe to toe in a completely, or as complete as reasonably possible...NHB situation...AND to have you demonstrate the martial superiority and the dominance that you can establish.

When I get back to the states, If you agree to the time and place, I would get together with you and work through this, as I seek a deeper understanding of the mysteries that I apparently "don't get".

Not being sarcastic, but geninuely honest and sincere desire to be shown how this works.
I'm with Kevin on this one. I maintain doubt in the martial value of the so-called "internal" styles because I have yet to see an internal stylist provide any sort of real tangible evidence (either in person or a video) that shows why they have value in a pure, NHB, physical altercation. Every video I've ever seen where there was an internal vs. external person in a NHB the internal person doesn't just get beat, they get annihilated. Every internal stylist I've met in person and trained with have had little applicable training for a NHB setting. Furthermore, not accusing anyone here of this, many "internal" stylists will refuse a training offer in any sort of NHB setting because of the claim they are either too deadly, too spiritual, or some other poppycock; which comes across as either arrogant or scared, take your pick.

I'd actually like to be proven wrong and be shown that there is some tangible benefit to this type of practice, that it can provide some sort of extra advantage. Because if it can - I want some of it. But my experience is like all the other combat sport people on the board, no one has been able to prove it to me yet.

Keith Lee
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