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Re: Successful Dojo Advertising?

Attracting members is one thing, keeping them quite another. Things I've learnt are different strategies work better in different places - if you can ask around your local network you might save some time. demos, leaflets and local newspaper ads seem to be highly suspectable to location - web seems to be a no brainer and web 2.0 the one to watch

Also the general public are not very discerning, so if your hiding your light under the traditional bush (i.e. being modest and not self promoting) its not what the 'market' responds to.
Retention sees only a small percentage of walk-ins actually stick around long enough to become serious, coping with this churn is difficult.
Critical mass - i.e. enough students on the mat to create a 'vibe' is essential to improving retention.

I have some stats, based on 10yrs of students I published on the forum before - if there is intrest i'll dig out the link


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