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Re: Politics, the Death of Martial Arts?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Dan,
May I point out that some Aikidoka have engaged in other arts eg judo , Karate, Sumo , Kendo ,some have also weight trained?O Sensei himself studied various systems. My penny worth here.
Rik Ellis for example a MMA pro , see him on You Tube, gives credit to Aikido .He was taught by his father Henry Ellis who trained with Tadashi Abe, Kenshiro Abbe ,Chiba , Mochizuki. Noro and other Sensei . Cheers, Joe.
I don't see where we disagree Joe. I will go you one better. You say some Aikido-ka have cross trained? I know a ton of them.
1. I advocated that cross training (MMA) is the highest order of Budo-or at least can be.
2. You advocated for the same.

I also said this in the elbow power thread
I would love to meet the Aikido or Daito ryu Shihan (who doesn't cross train) capable of withstanding what someone versed in IS...and...using it freestyle, could bring to a mat. I don't think they would stand a chance. But that's okay, there are other, standards in play-such as preserving a tradition. Not everyone got the chance to go out and experiment, explore and create. The good news is that todays budo is so open and friendly compared to the past, that everyone can meet and train. Innovators can share and traditionalists can share and both can have fun learning.
I think this might be one of the best times to do Budo.
There is place for us all, I don't see a mutual exlusivity. Moreover, all I see every month is people from many different styles appearing on a mat and laughing their butts off and training together.
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