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Re: Shoshin Aikido Dojo Slammed by Hurricane Charlie

I Don't Remember Your Name But I Do Recall That You Welcomed Me To Your Dojo Only 15 Minutes After Meeting Me. Since Then I Have Heard That
Your Habit Of Welcoming All Has Changed. (?)
I Thought That Your Center Was Much Larger Than That...... I Am Sad If That Is So....
Ego Is So Maddening And A Narcotic That, Given Reign, Can Kill The Openess Of "mt. Echo".
Ego Is The Narrowing Of Power And While It "feels Good" It Makes Our Center Smaller And We Are The Victim Of too Many Minds
Will You Be A Warrior Of The Aiki Mind?
No One Will Re Ward You But The Acceptance Of The One You Have Alienated Will Free You And Your Power Will Flow.... I Await Your Tranformation....
"bu Is Love" If You Understand.
Power And Peace Through Training....
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