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dojo frat boys

I go to a large dojo that is mostly a wonderful place. One thing is driving me nuts, though. There is a clique of youngish male yudansha who practice exclusively with each other, and thoroughly and systematically ignore kyus and women. I'm not the only one to perceive the existence of this little "fraternity"; other kyus and women have noticed it too, and been on the receiving end, or (as I recently overheard) actually asked them outright "Can I be part of your clique?"

"Talk to sensei" isn't an option, unfortunately; the acting chief instructor of the dojo (who teaches maybe 25-35% of the classes) is very chummy with all the frat boys in question, and even seems to share their attitude. (Eg in his classes he gives attention mainly to that clique, though to his credit he also helps out clueless beginners. But middling kyu ranks - forget it!) He also openly makes fun of the existence of the dojo's suggestion box, & I doubt he'd take seriously any anonymous notes left in there.

So I guess that in addition to just venting I'm asking for two pieces of advice:

Is there anything I can do about the problem besides not being a part of it?


How can I keep it from bothering me so much?
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