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Re: I Don't Care That Much

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No Mary....not at all...over generalization for sure. Certainly there is a huge gap between the examples Matt provides of Kobe, Eric, and Bob....and amateurs/dabblers. Would you not agree?
Oh, absolutely! That's why I was a bit surprised at your earlier comment.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Out of those amateurs though there does need to be programs to recognize and develop budding talent. and certainly, these guys would make themselves available simply for the passion of their arts/professions.

Not sure though that they would really have much incentive to hang out and spend time with someone that was not passionate or committed...regardless of their talent level...hence a dabbler.
Right, but (and maybe this is where the analogy breaks down) there are very few Kobes or potential Kobes, regardless of passion and commitment.
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