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Re: how do we define martial?

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Ewen, Nishio didn't think very highly of the Samurai, said they were shit. Nor did he think very highly of most of what's passed off as aikido. Even in the videos he finally made, he goes on multiple times saying that "99% of aikido is ineffective."
But wasn't he a student of O'Sensei? Is his attitude a reflection of his opinions of Morihei Ueshiba? Why would he become an 8th Dan in Aikido if he thought 99% of it was ineffective?

The dead zone is something that I've heard of before, getting off the centre line. I will be sure to try and practice moving 10 degrees off line after Easter.

I think Nishio Aikido is going to be very important to my own development as I try to internalize the methods, principles and techniques.
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