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Re: How to defeat a samurai.

A poet brandishes his blade.
Long forgotten are the early spring prose,
Huang Po sincerely made.

The master and all the monks were out hoeing. When the master saw Obaku approach, he stopped working and propped himself up on his hoe. Obaku said: "Would this fellow be tired?"
The master replied: "I have as yet not even lifted my hoe. Why should I be tired?"
Obaku hit him.
The master grabbed the stick, gave Obaku a good blow and knocked him over. Obaku called the superintendent to help him up. The superintendent, doing so, remonstrated: "Venerable, how can you permit the impudence of this madman?"
Obaku was hardly on his feet when he hit the superintendent.
The master, having started to hoe, remarked: "Cremation is the custom everywhere, but here, I bury alive with a single stroke!"
Later, Issan asked Gyosan: "What is the meaning of Obaku's beating the superintendent?"
Gyosan said: "The real robber ran off; the pursuer got the stick."

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