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Re: Words like God and Ki

Late to this party but a very enjoyable read...several things came to mind while reading this, particularly involve the arguments of Aristotle...reminded me of a political science book called 'Group Think' about the thought processes/group dynamics that led to the bay of pigs fiasco.

Secondly of God and Ki are really personal in nature, how they are perceived, embraced, empowered, and implemented are unique to the individual...why must you convince someone else of their existence? I don't believe in all uses of God and Ki but will not deny their ability to be a source of strength, happiness, and support to those who dabble in their uses. I think the nefarious uses of God and Ki in terms of POWER over others are a much greater danger to men and women.

I am obviously more skeptical of those who 'know' all the answers...usually the ones most likely to judge others are the most flawed themselves.

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