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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

Tim Fong wrote: View Post
The ruleset in Wulin Da Hui (the linked tv show) does not allow for striking to the face. It is not the same as sanda/san shou as typically understood.

Ah........ so that limiting stricture would explain some of the disparities about why the competition did too much "wrestling", as one of my Chinese friends termed it? Thanks. I agree. That's sort of what I've tried to say about limited engagements.

I think a number of people should understand that 'competitions' take on different forms. In my experience in "push-hands", for example, I've run into a number of people who insisted that the strictures basically incorporate the aggressive BS that they did while outlawing any logical and telling replies of the same sort.

People who judge restricted engagements should be smart enough to note those possibilities before starting to disparage others' skills. In the same way, I tend to watch Nage in order to see his body movements rather than hinge my whole opinion upon the limited aspects of an engagement. Often I simply say "I can't tell because the 'dive-bunny' aspect clouds what's really going on".


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