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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

"Fooling around good naturedly" is understandable and fair, but it doesn't diminish your performance and ability to withstand pressure. The power differential is throughout and should enhance it. If you don't want to complete a throw you stop, it doesn't account for poor attempts and balance loss.
I continue to read dialogue "around" the topic, or the posters themselves without you offering anything substantial-good or bad- constructive or even informative about the movement shown and the martial veracity.

The other video I was talking about

Particularly 15 seconds in. The guy does a pretty amateurish entry and throw attempt but it is "good" enough to arm drag and force a postion change to retain central equilibrium in CZQ. IME, if this is "just play," or "fooling around" then the pressure and the power differential would be such that things like this just wouldn't happen.

Anyone want to state that
a) that was even a decent throw attempt?
b) that was a powerful defense?
While there are other good things to be sure, it is this inconsistency that is perplexing in such a low level encounter.

The other clip

From various people I have heard from in China, many of those venues are intentionally "set up" and are for entertainment purposes similar to our old boxing venues. I think it is clear the other guy was outclassed. The guy in the red doesn't even make an attempt to defend himself!! Watch him move in and drop his hands over and over. It does show CZQ using more substantial skills at speed, but against what though?
Oh well. I think there is a clear difference between him and say,-Chen Bing in a western venue.