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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

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What "big names" were a profound disappointment, Dan? From what you've written about your own skills (while trivializing others'), AFAIK the only real Chinese 'name' you've encountered is Wang Hai Jun, who is a disciple of Chen ZhengLei's and has won tournaments, etc. I've heard you trivialize his skills publicly, so I guess maybe he was a 'disappointment' to you. Would you suggest that he thinks your skills are high level, to look at the other side of the coin?

BTW, I think you somehow confuse various "people who give workshops, teach, or claim lineage" as somehow being known experts. That's not really the way it's looked at in China; there are tons of people who fall into that category.

So you'd say that Wang Hai Jun is a disappointment, then? And Chen Ziqiang is 'unimpressive'. Etc., etc., every time. Is there *anyone* who approaches you in skill and knowledge or is it fruitless to look for such a person?


Mike Sigman
Your misquotes, baiting and putting words in my mouth are meaningless to me. If you have anything to add to the thread please do so. We already know your opinion of my opinions; put it in one of your infamous P.M.'s. IOW, state something meaningful about the video or stay out of it.
1. You don't think he's tight for a Chen guy?
That would explain some of our disagreements on the quality of IP/ aiki in actual use.
2. You think his movements (in such a low pressured environment) were good...
That is very interesting to me as well and would explain even more of our contentions about movement and IP/.aiki.
3.I outlined several postural failures, very poor throw attempts (among some good ones) various empty positional movements and in a linked video a pressured loss of balance. Something that you apparently don't or can't see and are at a loss to explain, other than to explain it away.

Okay, that's fine. We disagree.
Lets- "archive it" and move on to on topic discussion. No one needs the drama.

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