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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Yes I heard that of some other big name ICMA guys as well...who frankly were a profound disappointment.
What "big names" were a profound disappointment, Dan? From what you've written about your own skills (while trivializing others'), AFAIK the only real Chinese 'name' you've encountered is Wang Hai Jun, who is a disciple of Chen ZhengLei's and has won tournaments, etc. I've heard you trivialize his skills publicly, so I guess maybe he was a 'disappointment' to you. Would you suggest that he thinks your skills are high level, to look at the other side of the coin?

BTW, I think you somehow confuse various "people who give workshops, teach, or claim lineage" as somehow being known experts. That's not really the way it's looked at in China; there are tons of people who fall into that category.

So you'd say that Wang Hai Jun is a disappointment, then? And Chen Ziqiang is 'unimpressive'. Etc., etc., every time. Is there *anyone* who approaches you in skill and knowledge or is it fruitless to look for such a person?


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