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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

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Yes, Who? Where? It is always interesting to see who considers what to be "good." I would like to see something with a higher level of skill displayed than what everyone seems to agree was a B.S. display. His defensive counters and entries were less than stellar.

After seeing other videos of CZQ with his students on that link, it would be interesting to see a higher level of skilled attack for him to defend against, and something more convincing than that display. If he is supposedly that good and just sort of cooperating-it might explain some things, but it still doesn't explain others. He still looks tight to me- compared to other Chen guys.

On one of those other linked clips the kid attacks with an O soto gari and breaks CZQ's posture sideways and he is arm dragged forward and CZQ has to step twice to recover. Hard to understand how that is to be considered "good" against low level pressure. Compare that to Chen Bing's video's in #1 and #2. They are an interesting comparison; much looser, more definitive, and very clear, all while grappling with an experienced grappler. You didn't see a lot of compromised dead position changes, foot placements and empty moves, and the grappler himself looked more capable and offered better positioning in his attacks.


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