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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

Mark Mueller wrote: View Post
Mike, Those were my thoughts too.....They are only practicing with what appears to be pretty limited rules. My unexperienced eye seemed to notice some similarity of movement to Akuzawa.
Well, don't forget that I just recently posted a video with Chen Ziqiang competing in actual San Shou Dao (aka Sanda) in post #18 of the 'training/sparring' thread. CZQ is in the first match starting @ 2:20. These guys are wearing armor but watch the expression on his opponent's face when Ziqiang hits. And then understand that he is still pulling his punches and techniques because the stuff is also "limited format" with strict rules. That BS-level push-hands video in the OP of this thread has zero to do with "San Shou" and should be viewed for what it is: grabass.

I'm no fan of Ziqiang's but I haven't heard of anyone beat him, although I've heard of a few people that disparage him without really having the brass to face him . He does come to the U.S. I suspect we need to have a few of the bs-artists go to him and 'ask for a lesson'. I.e., make the challenge first and do the talking later.


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