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Re: Interesting Video

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The Chen guy is unimpressive. The kids entered so many times and CZQ had to empty step (positional change without meaning) all over the place through the video. Nary a clean throw by him anywhere and he showed lots of failed attempts while seriously trying to enter. He also got caught in several places as well.
Overall he looks rather tight, and he obviously does not know how to fight in that venue-the many failures are evidence of that. I can only imagine if strikes, kicks and an MMA format were to be the venue.
Hopefully more and more taiji guys and DR guys!!! , will take their stuff out on the road and go play with people who both know how to fight, and have a vested interest in seeing them undone. Winning and more importantly losing, is a great learning tool to grow past, push hands or one step kata, .

Dear Dan ,
I think the instructors guys were hardly trying to throw him,The instructor himself used a lot of small foot throws which quite frankly anybody with a half decent posture would have avoided.Same with the arm entanglements, sorry I did not think them too efficient.I saw no real attempt at foot sweeps or leg throws anywhere coming from the pupil.