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Re: Words like God and Ki

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
...but don't buy the pig in the poke, either. Until you do have the experience, neither believe nor disbelieve -- just accept what is.
Good point. However, in order to experience it, you must have at least a basic acceptance/belief that it could work. Even if you're not sure whether you believe or not, you must eliminate that doubt during any spiritual activity because it will interfere. I guess this means learning to be a very open-minded skeptic.

Its a good example but could be made a better example by sending people through the field without the drum to set a kind of baseline. If there is a difference then you have something to talk about. Of course you need to randomise the participants, give the control group some placebo belief and excitement etc...
Certainly. Many things could have been made better. Remember though, the drum is just a sound for the people to follow so they don't wander off and get lost.

Certainly we could have set it up so it conforms to the guidelines of a scientific experiment, but that would have destroyed the free spirit of the endeavor and made everyone feel like test subjects. No doubt the pressure to succeed could also have interfered with listening to their heart, after all, these people are complete beginners. The more secure they feel, the better. In the end, they're only out there to prove the spiritual to themselves, not for the skeptical onlooker. No offense intended

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