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Lightbulb Re: Words like God and Ki

Hi all. I've been reading through the replies to this topic and it all reminds me of the "ki wars" on the Aikido-L list. They usually begin with someone from the Ki Society like me using Ki in a post or putting "extend ki" or "ki is extending" in their signature and someone else replying "how dare you mention ki to me. It doesn't exist, I tell you! It mustn't exist I tell you! My view of reality cannot absorb something that cannot be proven to exist by dropping it." Well, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but if you read between the lines, that is what the person is saying. Defenders of the Faith form opposing ranks and the battle is begun. They can get rather humorous or dangerously personal. But they are all symptomatic of something I have noticed in society since Watergate.

We as a society in the US have become more and more spiritually devoid. Oh, there are plenty of religious folk here, but even they are very materialistic. Just look at the memberships in churches. Those that are growing the fastest are those that focus on the physical realities...These are the Baptists and the Non-denominationalists. Some mega-churches put on big shows but they criticize the very spiritual beliefs that were dominant when their denomination was founded. Jesus isn't a divine being who brings salvation, but a very human man who brings the key to wealth. While the Catholic church still holds officially that miracles and divine visitations occur and even have a few "uncorrupted" corpses on display here and there, but the average layman has no more faith in Fatima or Lourdes than they do in UFOs or Bigfoot.

What these people all have great faith in is Newtonian Physics, Money, the solidity of bricks and the Religion of Science. That's right. Most lay people are more inclined to believe that every word out of a non-quantum scientist's mouth is Holy Writ. We have come to believe that we are god and that man is man made. We have lost the sense of wonder, the sense of the miraculous in the everyday. We miss the purpose of misogi or ki breathing. We miss the clear understanding that we are just a small piece in a big puzzle. We miss the Dharma, the truth. Believe it or not, but half of what Jesus said are koans...That's right, comparable to Zen Koans and just as "easy" to understand.

Right now, scientists and doctors from around the world are making great strides to proving the existence of Subtle Energies (Ki, Chi, Pranna) and how they apply to human healing. Right now, a woman named Lynn McTaggart, a reporter turned investigator is leading a world wide Intention Experiment. Her theory is if enough people focus intention on a target, it can be effected. So far we have targeted the Civil War in Sri Lanka and effects on polluted water. The Human Consciousness Experiment (from Harvard or MIT) has located random number generators (EGGs) around the world to see if events effect the local Consciousness field. In cases of fractures that do not heal within 3 months, Orthopedists can apply an electromagnetic generator that oscillates at a particular frequency and will heal that bone. There is a lot more going on in this arena but that is not germane to the topic at hand.

All of this is happening but you will not find out about it in mainstream media. What passes for media is more interested in what is wrong than what is right. They will show you the brick, but will not tell you that it is a proven fact that bricks are made up mostly of empty space.

It is sad that so many feel it necessary to back the debunkers, the "but one study shows" experts that refuse to see the evidence that there is a God and his Universe is a wondrous place full of marvels and life all surrounded in the Living Matrix or Ki. I hope and pray that those who choose not to see this reality will allow those who do the respect they themselves demand.

Happy Shugyo,

John B. Davis
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