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Re: Tanoshii Dojo

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
Or 'enjoyable,' no?
Tanoshii can cover quite a few nuances, but my feeling is that it would be "enjoyable" or "fun" in most contexts. That's what my evil dictionary says and that's how my textbooks always portrayed it.

Joseph Pielech wrote: View Post
Assuming you mean "happy," Mr. Thompson is correct.
Hi Joseph,

I think we might have a friend in common who used to live in Ibaraki. How are things in Nagoya?

I've seen it translated as "happy" before, along with "pleasurable" etc. I know it depends on the situation, but usually "happy" would be 嬉しい (ureshii) or 幸せ (shiawase), wouldn't you agree? If Ricky means "enjoyable", what else could he use?

Ani Forbes wrote: View Post
You don't have many options for other kanji I would say.
The only alternatives I found in the dictionary were:

愉しい (using a kanji meaning "pleasure" or "rejoice")

娯しい (using the kanji for "recreation" which also carries the meaning of "pleasure")

What Jun wrote is the regular way.
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