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Re: Joyous

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
What a wonderful question! I should try to say something profound

I want it to be joyous, like a dance. I want uke to feel that this was the best outcome imaginable. I want to feel a flow without interruptions or awkward corners. And I want us both to feel better afterward.

Maybe aikido should be regarded as healing. It is definitely an art. A healing art?
I love that, Stefan
But I guess then there is a problem inthe question "when you do an aikido technique".
What you do should what you described as joyous dance, make uke feel good, etc. The aikido technique is just something that happens. If one DOES a technique one (re)attacks, which is not the goal of aikido.

But I have to admit, I (try to) DO techniques. Everytime I try to feel the enregy and let things happen, I end up in a big knot

But I am improving slowly. The point, when I have to switch from letting things happen to enforcing the technique, is moving. It is much later than it was a year ago, and hopfully in the near future (next 5 years) it might pass the time of contact.

But from time to time I try again to let things happen, and sometimes something happens that a technique is easy to perform. usully my teachers comment then are "but we are doing xyz technique at the moment".

Just my 2 cts

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