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Amir Krause
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Re: Poll: Is there such a thing as "bad" aikido to you?


I am not sure about the expression "Bad Aikido" but if one means a dojo where the way the teacher and senior practitioners practice look awful, then I would have to vote a very strong positive.

Particularly since I recently saw such a place.
Just a few examples of the things I considered bad:
Almost everyone bending their backs in basic techniques.
Performing some strange throws in the end of which Tori fall is much worse the Uke (Tori fell on his face, Uke could fall on his back).
Randori in which all started moving too soon. It was a grab randri - grab tori hand dynamically and he will throw you somehow. The Tori left only their hands stationary and moved their bodies out of line long before Uke arrived within grabbing\striking distance - As Uke I would have punched them all in the back.
I am not talking of long and complicated movements, while I dislike those in most cases, I have seen some who actually do them well, and have found such techniques might not be practical but does have a methodical value.

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