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Dan Herak
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

George S. Ledyard wrote:
This represents a serious misunderstanding of the meaning of the statistics on violence...

There are only a small number of domestic violence cases in when women have been beating their male partenrs, whereas the number of these cases involving violence against women is in the millions. There are relatively few cases of rape in which men are raped, either by other men or by women (at least oustide of prison) whwreas the number of sexual assaualts against women is astronomical. Why aren't there homes for battered husbands in virtually every city in America as there are for women? Pretty simple, there aren't that many battered husbands.
With due respect Ledyard Sensei, it is you who misunderstand the statistics on violence and egregiously so. Even accounting for men who are the victims of violence in a situation in which violence is likely to occur, the numbers cannot be equalized. I apologize in advance for those that will take offense at this but some facts need to be better understood. The numbers bantered about publicly with respect to the number of rapes and domestic violence against women have been, to put it mildly, inflated through the roof (See WHO STOLE FEMINISM?, Christina Hoff Sommers for an explanation of exactly how exceptionally broad definitions have been misused to accomplish this.) For example, feminist activists lump together everything from raising your voice towards your wife to beating her senseless under the heading of domestic violence and then present those numbers to the public. Conveniently, they never seem to ask how often women raise their voices towards the men or other mirroring behavior questions. That you have placed the numbers "in the millions" demonstrates your willingness to buy into such tactics rather than obtain accurate information. Similar tactics have been used with rape and sexual harassment.

Your statement regarding male victims of domestic violence is particularly misguided. Every single study on the prevalence of domestic violence shows roughly equal parity between men and women both in terms of frequency and in terms of initiation of violence. Although women are smaller than men, they compensate by being more likely to use a weapon. See CEASEFIRE by Cathy Young or peruse as they discuss the issue on a regular basis. You ask why there are not shelters for battered husbands. The answer is simple. Because certain domestic violence activists have more concern with perpetuating a vision of women as the perpetual victims of men than they are with the facts and have unfortunately been successful in getting their misguided message out and accepted. Combine this with the natural tendency of men to be reluctant to discuss vulnerability on the subject of violence, even more so when it is from a woman, and you have the situation in which women's needs in this area are addressed but men's are not.

I realize I am inviting a firestorm here. So be it. I think these issues are important enough that we need to get our facts straight. And the first step is addressing head on those assertions that do not stand up under scrutiny.
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