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crystalwizard wrote:
in answer to shadows previous comments about science, I'd like to point out that when aikido works, it is precisely because of certain scientific principals. Things involving gravity, physics and the dynamics of motion. Things that are known in great detail because a lot of years of study have gone into them and things you can study and witness yourself at home without having to involve any scientists. Things that dont change.
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have you had any experience with quantam physics for one thing? All kinds of unexplained things happen....for example if you trap a single atom inside a vacuum in a glass...after a certain amount of time the atom will appear outside the glass, there is no reason why this happens, it just does. Things do change. We are made up of thousands of atoms...but nevertheless, still atoms. How several billion atoms combined together is suddenly able to think I am not sure how that is possible but I'm not to say what is and isn't possible, but I don't shut out the possibility of anything! Science can only be explained so far, but it doesn't come anywhere close to giving any kind of answer to anything....there is always another level of "how?" and "why?"
As for saying because o'sensei achieved maybe some sort of spiritual enlightenment, placing him as a god our out of our reach defeats the purpose also. It's what I aspire for and I know it is attainable.
It is very hard to write exactly what I want to say here in words but I hope you get the idea anyway.

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