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Re: The Fear of Power

For me, power is the ability to exert my influence. Breathing is the power to move air into my lungs. Driving is the power to transport myself. Posting a comment is the power to express myself.

We started aikido for some reason on which our decision to train improved our reality. Maybe get stronger, maybe become better fighter, maybe fight inner demons. If you truly started aikido because you had nothing better to do with your time and money, I have no argument for you.

Yes, I think we are afraid to admit we enjoy power. I think we are afraid of the consequences of our power and the responsibility we assume in exerting power. When we exert power, we do so by projecting the responsibility elsewhere.

We are threatened by power because it may necessarily lead to power over us. Someone who can fight... can fight me. Many would rather that nobody be able to fight, than to have some empowered over others.

The problem is that aikido is an empowering tool...

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