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Re: Perhaps the tide is changing.

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I'd like to hear from others who have experimented with teaching a first class on say ikkyo prior to learning the ukemi for it.
Well, Iīm in my second week of training, and I was quite surprised to read here in the forum about a separate "begginers class", front and back rolls all day, etc... For me and a few other new guys, itīs nothing of that. We just joinned the normal class and do whatever the others are doing. Hey...I donīt even know the names of the techniques yet!
The Sensei as well as the other senior members are constantly making sure that thereīs a high ranked guy "leading" us through class. And when the exercise allows it, we end it with a front or back roll.
At the end of the class, we maybe do some 15min of rolls.

I donīt know if itīs the right approach (never saw another, so...) but itīs perfect for me. I might not be getting everything out of the exercises yet, but Itīs certainly a great method for experiencing the efectiveness of a hand twist, while feeling integrated with everyone the class. We keep changing partners and in fact... Trainning is a real joy to go!
Ohh... and another thing: I can go in whatever day, schedule or Sensei that I want.

Iīm really happy with it!
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