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Re: Dojo Costs

I read this thread quite often cause i myself, am looking at starting up a dojo or maybe even training camp not quite sure. Yet to comments stuck out in my head

1. the Child support n alimony. yes you might want to look into that if your married n your wife is insecure or you become very famous.

2. something about teaching for non profit/ just for fun im sorry this sounds great n i enjoy both learn the arts n teaching others but my personal opinion is this, shouldn't i get paid for being beat up? I mean if your training someone n actually roll with them most likely if they are new they are gonna move wrong n if ur a bad instructor ull let your student get hurt rather then releasing a hold n them continuing to move n u get hurt.

my other statement is are u doing full contact or stand in line n do the same thing cause either way ur gonna have to have some outline for incase u want a vacation n 1 of ur high belts take over.
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