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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
I hope so - the relevant section is Best Aikido sure didn't give that impression.
Hello Peter,

I have "Best Aikido" and also the Japanese original, which was published in 1997, just two years before Kisshomaru Doshu's death. The English translation is by John Stevens and it is, shall we say, 'delicate'.

How are your reading skills, by the way? Here is the Japanese original:

Q: 合気道の分派はあるのですか。

A: 確かに巷には合気道とは別に「○○合気道」と名乗っている団体が存在します。中には、素性の知らぬ訳の判らぬようなものもあるようです。

 しかし、開祖・植芝盛平に連ならないもの、その教えを逸脱したものは、いかに外見を似せようが、深遠そうな哲理を語ろうが、合気道ではありません。例えば、競技試合を行 っているようなものは明らかに合気道本来の姿を忘れたもので、合気道と呼ぶことはできません。


This certainly goes against what one commonly sees on aikido bulletin boards, for example. I think the matter of 'kyougi-shiai' is one on which the Aikikai is unlikely to change its thinking for some time to come, even though it is against the current. FS and I discussed this on his recent visit to Hiroshima and our views actually differ.

That said, I suspect it is a common occurrence for the student to accept his/her teacher's view of the history of the art. Of course, different teachers place differing degrees of stress on history, but were this not to happen, I think it would be seen as questioning the teacher's integrity.

Actually, we have a picture of the Founder on the wall of the dojo. Unusually, it is right next to a picture of Jigoro Kano. My students were somewhat bemused when we put up the picture: they knew about Kano alright, but really had little clue of who Morihei Ueshiba was and are comparatively uninterested in history and we have never had any questions. Which is fine: it is the training that matters.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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