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Hi Nathan;

Aikido is pretty much teacher/student driven so as expected I mention my own teacher to my students far more than either Tomiki K. or Ueshiba M. and my teacher mentions Tomiki K. much more than Ueshiba M.. There is no Ueshiba cult in that he is a respected teacher in the path of transmission for what we do.

MU on the other hand in mentioned frequently enough - it means nothing and everything.
Nathan Pereira wrote:
Well in my experience I can honestly say MU is never even mentioned in the Yoshinkan. Also unlike most we do not have his picture at the front of class just one of Shioda Sensei which I suppose is the same principal.

What about the other "styles" do you have MU as a figure head of your particular "style" founder.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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