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Re: jealous wife is cramping my teaching style

What if this was a paragraph left out of your presentation:

"I'm 38. Twenty years ago, I started practice in college and five years later I earned by black belt and started teaching a beginners' class. Three years later, a stunning 20-year-old coed joined my class. She was talented. I gave her my full attention to help her progress. She saw my intensity and enjoyed the trust. Two years later, I married her and we've been together for ten years since. For the last nine years I've been teaching aikido at an all-boys prep school, but just last I started a club at the local college and now I have my first female student."

If you want to know why your wife is jealous, after ten years of marriage you should hopefully be comfortable working through the question with her. If she's sensitive about it, god help you, acooper, if she finds you've taken her personal business to the internet! [I think I've seen posts of mine from 1992 or so archived here!]
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