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Grr! jealous wife is cramping my teaching style

Hi All. Are there any instructors out there with extremely jealous wives? I run a small dojo for the city with about 12 students, one of whom is a female in her 20's and my wife gives me alot of grief over it. Normally I am the type of instructor who will come in early or stay late so my students can get more practice in since I am limited in the days we can have class. I am also usully pretty friendly with my students. Since this gal has joined up my wife has forced my to change the way I usually do thing because she is worried that I might end up alone with this girl. I even try to avoid shaking hands with my students after class is over because my wife would kill me if I ever shook her hand!!

Things got worse durring grading last month. When I judge ukemi I do not do it by watching them just roll around on a mat by theselves, I watch how they take ukemi when they are uke. So, following my procedure I kept on eye on this gal when she was uke & my wife flipped out because she felt I was starring at this girl even when it she was not showing any techniques. And then my wife took a peek at my grade book and saw that I gave her decent grades and got pissed at e again for favoriism or something.

I honestly wish this girl would quit. So my wife would get off my back and let me teach the way I am used to. I work for the city so I can't really just kick her out.Maybe if I start making class super hard she will give up and leave.

I know I will get lots of advice to sit down with my wife and explain things so she'll understand. That is pointless because I have tried and tried and it just get me deeper in the doo doo. She even threatens to force me to quit teaching all together because of this.

I have never given my wife any rational reason to be jealous of this girl. I treat her like any other student.

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and I wouldnever do anything to hurt our marriage. I love aikido too though. I've been practicing for 20 years and teaching for about 15 and I can't imagine ever giving it up. It is a huge part of who I am.

Anyone ever seen or experienced anything like this? Thoughts? Help?
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