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Re: what is what with Scott Sonnon's material

Thomas Campbell wrote: View Post

Basic swings. "Spiral snatches" focusing on feeling the crossover in the lower back changing the weight-bearing leg in the transition from pulling to pushing (the KB up).

I'd tell you more but you'd have to join my private DoubleChin forum.
I could probably sponsor you into chunen butori ryu if you could get me into the DC forum...

@Kevin: I rarely do any of the actual Aunkai exercises with weights. Occasionally I'll do 5-10 reps of tenchijin with a pair of 10 lb dumbbells. Generally the exercises are hard enough without the weights and I think adding weights too early will just encourage you to use 'normal' muscle. I generally do swings, turkish get-ups and kb clean and jerks. Like with Tom, I'm mostly using them to feel connection pressures across the body and I think the whole body movements and inherently unbalanced nature of kb (like Indian clubs) are good for that.

Good stuff.

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