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It Had to be Felt - Column Requests

I am once again able to post IHTBF columns, with some wonderful essays pending. There are some teachers about whom I'd love to get a column in print. Please contact me if you had a teacher/student relationship and would like to write a column about:
Shimizu Kenji
Kurita Yutaka
Kurita Minoru
Tohei Akira
Yamada Yoshimitsu
Maruyama Shuji
Maruyama Koretoshi
Andre Nocquet
Asai Katsuaki
Abe Seiseki
Toyoda Fumio
Okumura Shigenobu

And although it's probably too much to hope for:
Abe Tadashi
Sunadomari Kanshu
Tanaka Bansen
Tomiki Kenji
Iwata Ikkusai
Murashige Aritoshi
Sunadomari Fukiko
Regarding these last elder teachers--if you have a teacher who trained directly with any of these men, if you would be able and willing to write an interview with your teacher in the spirit of this column, that, too, would be most welcome.

There are other teachers of note, but these, in particular, would all be great to have.

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