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Re: A Little Courtesy, Please

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
The title sets a certain frame, just as Sue Dalton's "The Mirror" or Peter's TIE. Aside from that, the numbers are an organizing device, so that people can keep track of what's new.
Ellis, not to detract from Susan, my dear friend and co-editor, but The Mirror is and has always been a collective enterprise in which most months there is one author (at times we have done round robins) and the group provides advance reading, feedback, copy editing if needed. We schedule to ensure each member has as many turns in a year as she is comfortable with or has something to say. Currently we are myself, Susan Dalton, Katherine Derbyshire, Al Garcia, and Linda Eskin, with Pauliina Lievonen on temporary leave of absence.
Yes, accuracy does count. Thank you.

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