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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Gornall Bell wrote: View Post
Personally speaking I would love to try these no touch throws, so if you can do them can you try to do one on me? Since it's no touch, how far apart do we need to be for it to work? Cm's, metres, in the same room? Maybe you could try from where you are now and see if you can throw me?
I could try and knock you down with my chi balls aswell if you want
Hi Gornall,

No touch thows are a part of aikido practice as demonstrated by Ueshiba, if he was doing them, I'm unsure why there is so much controversy over them in the aikido community. They are not magical or mystical, just a result of intent, timing, correct movement, leading, aiki and uke's desire for self preservation and keeping co-ordinated.

Michael Varin's post above is correct, there can be collusion, of course (much of aikido practice has to be this way, otherwise how on earth would we learn anything?) but they can be real with no pretence.

However, they do rely on uke making a committed attack and following through with that attack, keeping their intention on the target they are going for. There is no way I could hope to 'throw' someone who is not actively giving me an attack to work with.

You are way too far away for me to throw you up there in the Northeast, but if you were down here in devon a matter of inches away, going full tilt for my centre, then I might be able to give you the experience



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