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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

HI Mark -

I know of two times when Ueshiba was at his peak that he was defeated - there may be others. The one I am not at liberty to say - but there is no doubt. (And no, I won't write it to anyone in a PM either )

The other is kind of funny. Doc Warner - the famous one-legged kendo man. He and Donn Draeger visited Ueshiba, who grandiosely proclaimed that he could disarm even a trained military man who drew a gun on him - and furthermore, he could do this when menaced from behind. Warner said that he doubted that. (I do not recall if this was still GHQ days, when he was armed with a real gun, or they had a replica).
Anyway, Ueshiba turned his back and Warner, as requested, pointed his gun in Ueshiba's back. Quick as thought, Ueshiba whirled and took the pipe out of Warner's left hand, while he continued to point his gun, held close to his hip with his right.

I am not disputing your basic premise, Mark, just not as an absolute.

Ellis Amdur

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