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Re: Using less force on a smaller person w/o being patronizing

Ruth exactly my point. I have him off balanced right of the bat, otherwise I'll get hit. But when I pause the technique midway instead of flowing through it, invariably uke will find their balance. I don't yet get how to keep them on their toes without using too much force to keep them there and some pain being generated as a consequence.

The thing is, senior ukes are fine. They are somewhat pretty light on their feet. Its the juniors who feel the pain and they tend to drag their weight on my arm.

My sensei can keep you on your toes regardless who you are, weightwise or experience wise. There's no pain either.

Keith, chain connecting to each other is an interesting concept. The way I try to apply it is through the little finger gripping Uke's palm, torque upwards through the elbow and from there to their center. It helps if I use my free hand to palm up the tip of their fingers. I think I'll try the chain. Somehow I sense that there's a technique there that will eliminate the wrist pain. Ie focusing on the chain in the hands as oppose to the hand itself.

Eva, a link of the shihonage I meant. Couldn't edit it in my previous posting. As you can see, I don't straight arm him like a sword cut since he's relatively new. I slide him along down to brace his weight.

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