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Carl Simard
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Originally posted by Bernie V
Very good points Jim and Brian. After seeing too many Steven Segal movies we tend to think we won't get hit at all. But my
sparring sessions so far have shown me your going to get hit until you have reached a high technical level in Aikido.
You're absolutly right. If you're taking a fight, wanted or not, against an opponnent, boxer or anything, you must be conscient that you may get hurt even if you end up winning the fight. Against a boxer, it may means that you may end up with a black eye or a broken nose, even if you throw him to the ground and control him with a lock at the end... Any fight has a big part of risk. If you're not willing to assume that risk, avoid the fight... There's no magic there and it's true no matter the MA or fighting style you do. There's simply no single art that is 100% effective all the time. What MA can do is simply to put the balance a bit more on your side... It's not like the movies where the hero simply crushed his opponents without a bruise... In the end, it will probably the one that is the more skilled in his art that gets the best chance to win. No matter if it is aikido against a boxer. Bad aikidoka against a good boxer means that the boxer probably wins, and the reverse is also true...
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