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Originally posted by BRIAN H

Edward, I agree that weapons are a better option than unarmed combat where a life is in the balance (and as I type this I have a pistol on my hip). However, you just can't shoot unarmed people for assaulting you. (That is not to say that unarmed people can't kill you or be repelled using "deadly" force, its just a rather fine line) --- Besides Bernie hails from the People Republic of New Jersey where they frown on that sort of thing.


Eventhough I do not carry a gun myself probably because I do not need to since I live in one of the safest cities in the world, however I do not have any taboo for guns and would carry one if I had any need for it.

It's true that by law you cannot shoot someone who attacks you unarmed, but I don't know many people who would attack someone knowing he's armed. Guns can be the best deterrants to violence (if used strictly for this purpose) and definitely a better option than Aikido

Moreover, I believe that a Japanese sword or a knife can be more dangerous for the untrained user than a firearm.

But this is unrelated to the thread subject so please forgive me.

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