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Brian H
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Originally posted by Edward

My advice for you and I'm very serious. If this is your purpose, MA won't help much. Buy a gun and learn how to use it. This is the best way of delf-defence.

Practice Aikido because you like it, not to defend yourself as it will take you at least 30 years to be able to do it efficiently.

Edward, I agree that weapons are a better option than unarmed combat where a life is in the balance (and as I type this I have a pistol on my hip). However, you just can't shoot unarmed people for assaulting you. (That is not to say that unarmed people can't kill you or be repelled using "deadly" force, its just a rather fine line) --- Besides Bernie hails from the People Republic of New Jersey where they frown on that sort of thing.

A trained boxer uses jabs to distract and unbalance his opponent. The jab can hurt, but generally will not seriously injure the opponent by itself (that comes when the boxer follows up with a committed punch that delivers a telling blow.

I'm not a boxer, or even a fan, but as someone who has a martial interest in fighting I have watched afew matches. Most boxers seem avoid getting hit by moving as opposed to blocking. Anytime I saw a boxer put up his hands to block his head it was because he was getting the snot beat out of him and had stopped moving.

Controlling Ma-ai is the key, if you "move like a butterfly" to the rear or the side then the boxer can not jab you, but must extend into a punch (with a greater opening and loss of center), then you can "sting like a bee."

Also boxing DOES NOT WORK at very close range. Two drunken college buddies were horsing around in the dorm one time. One was a golden gloves boxer and the other was a wrestler. The boxer was dancing around the wrestler and slap boxing him in the face while teasing him. After about twenty slaps the wrester stepped in grabbed the boxer around the body, flipped him and pinned him. The boxer was not pleased.
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