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I think peace is natureal in that I think we are bron with peace.
"we are born with peace"? you are kidding right? most of us were nice and cozy in our mother womb, then some bugger pulled us out and smacked the daylight out of us so that we were naked, bloody, kicking and screaming. personally, i thought that was a pretty violent way of going into the world. after the violent and disturbing way that we went into the world, things started to get worst. and for some of us, we will be naked, bloody, kicking and screaming on our way out of this world. well, at least the naked part is true, since the funeral home usually striped us naked to "prepare" us, and while they are at it, they will tattoo the inscription in big bold letters on our buttock "I was here!", which nobody ever flip the corpse over and check the buttock area.

nope, peace is not our nature, not by a long shot.
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