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Re: Peace

I saw a reference to the "bu" kanji as laying down arms. Again, I am not sure that some of Aikido's [more sensitive?] interpretations may be entirely correct. I think the more militant interpretation of halting the spear may be a better interpretation of this kanji. And again, I think this term more closely implies a equilibrium of opposition, rather than a state of peace.
For example, [if] in order to prevent the rival lord from taking my land I must match his arms to create a state of equilibrium, [then] I may correctly interpret that this action prevented war. Is this peace? Arguably, yes. Would the rival lord take my land if I did not prevent him? Arguably, yes. I think harmony is a better word to describe this tenuous relationship, not peace. Or, in modern era, was the US really at peace with Russia? Arguably, yes. Did many of us go to bed at night fearful that one government may push the button that would evaporate the Earth. Yes. Is this really "peace"? I don't buy it; peace is something that should give us comfort and put our souls at rest, it is the absence of conflict [i.e. war]. Peace is the reconciliation of emotions that accompanies decisions which establish harmony, not an action itself. I don't like the idea that my peace is subject to your activities. I am looking for that [peaceful] state of being which is self-reliant, not dependent...
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