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Re: Peace

Bjorn Saw wrote: View Post
Just putting your point of view across doesn't mean it's a conversation.[
I didn't mean to just put my point of view across. I meant to call in question your point of view.
Nearly every sentence in my first post ended with a "?".
(This is to me how we learn aikido: Questioning.)

Did you ever listen to begin with or did you opt to oppose anything but your own beliefs?
I've gone long way by now. And I am still on my way.
What’s important to me: Everything changes. All the time.
(This is one aspect of aikido to me: It’s not static, it flows. It creates itself new all the time.)

So it is important to listen carefully to life, to be in accordance with it and with its changes.
It is important to listen to oneself, to ones own feelings, to be in accordance with oneself.
And sure it is important to listen to the people sharing ones life, near or far, to be able to live life together and not against one another.
Well, I listen a lot. And I changed a lot during life.
(Another aspect of aikido to me: Not “doing/producing” waza, but sensing, feeling, perceiving the opponent, an letting waza emerge.)

But since you chose not to go down that road you may open your own thread arguing as much as you like ...
Normally I don't discuss my religious beliefs on the Internet. I live my spirituality and don’t preach it.
And when I start a thread, I'm aware that not everyone will share my points of view and that there might be contradiction.
(This is to me what Aikido is: Communication, dealing with contradiction on a physicall, corporal way.)

When I join a conversation I do that without having the need to hold on to my views as opposed to the other.
This exactly is an attitude I deeply question:
If you are not willing or not able to hold on to your views, you should change them. If they don’t cary you on, why do “have” them?
On the other side: If you know what you do and why you do it, why aren't you able or willing to hold on to your points?
(This is important to me in Aikido: To be centered, to be closed, to be grounded, to be clear. – And to controll the opponent from ones center.)

Different persons can hold on to different truths. There is not only one and eternal truth. But every person has its own truth, every life has its own. Every life creates it’s own truth.
(In Aikido: There is not only me and my center. There also is the center of the opponent …)

But when I open a conversation with a view of mine with a desire to share that view I find no interest in combating my perspective against another.
Ok true: If you're only looking for someone to share your opinions and not want to be questioned I’m wrong here.
I apoligize. I’m not used to this understanding of “owning” a post and not discussing opinions.

No more contradiction from me.

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