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Re: What comes after Aikido?

The Atemi question is interesting to me because (and please correct and educate me if i'm wrong), in my EXTREMELY limited experience, in class at my home dojo, the other dojos i've visited and footage i've seen online of dojos around the world, i've never seen an aikido class practicing full-contact strikes or doing any bag work (maybe the shotokan guys do, i really wouldnt know). So i'm drawing the conclusion that if atemi is used, it will most likely be drawn from another art or style that an individual has studied. For instance, if a person has studied Muay thai, I'd assume that there atemi is going to look rather similar to the strikes learned in their muay thai training, unless the Aikido sensei is committed to teaching a different way of striking (i've never really seen anybody get corrected on technicalities of striking form, like i'd expect in a more striking based art, like TKD). So if a person who has studied muay thai, uses a strike from muay thai, but uses it in accord with the core principles of aikido, we're still going to call it Aikido, right?

I heard O'sensei demanded his students have experience in another style before joining his classes. Could this be why?

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