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Re: Video clip of punch blocks

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe,

In my Aikido dojo, we deal with this everyday scenario that one would encounter here in the west quite easily. One can use a modified taisabaki or ukemi. You would not be able to use the full version because of the movement of the boxers jab. Basically it would require you to move in close enough to spin around the person grabbing a hold of there head, executing various choices of neck chokes. These would immobilize the boxer preventing the continued jabbing. If executed correctly it can be quite effective and definitely required a lot of practice from different scenarios. The hardest part is timing the taisabaki or ukemi to insure that you are not punched while stepping toward the opponent to execute the taisabaki or ukemi. The closer you get into the opponent with quick precision, almost like a pivot, the better you can execute the move.

We practice this all the time. Both the ukemi and taisabaki have to be modified according to the encounter that you are confronted with. You cannot use the full taisabaki or ukemi in close proximity encounters or against a boxer, but a modified version definitely works. I have used it and it works with practice.

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