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Re: What can you say about this?

Hi member..:-)

Well I`ll jump in feet first and say that personally speaking I think that as Aikido is so new, much emphasis is put on the founder...perhaps too much...what he did...what he wanted us to do and wrapped up in that is, who was his "best" student? and who understood him the "best" and adheres to his techniques. I guess that over time this will become less important and like all sports or participation activities, aikido will develop beyond what was originally created.
In every other area of life we push back the envelope of human achievement and excellence...aikido will be no different. Lets face it if aikido has some 10,000+ variations of techniques is it possible that one man could be exactly the same as O-Sensei in every technique? indeed can we really say O-Sensei was the best aikido practioner ever?...maybe not... In saying this I dont want anyone to think I hold little respect for the founder or Saito Sensei...this is not true.
What I do believe is that others have played a very important role in the development of our sport and Nishio Sensei for example, having a background in Karate (which the founder didn`t have) has incorporated elements that imho make his style extremely dynamic and realistic.
With regards his comments about the book...of course everyone even the "gods" of this sport must be continually improving and learning...everyone knows the feeling of doing a technique with one person and its it with another and it doesn`t work so well.
And I reckon its fair to say that some elements of our sport are outdated (unnecessary?) and perhaps can even cause harm to the individual over time...talking about kneeling techniques here mainly.
Hope this hasn`t offended anyone.....
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