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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
No, no it won't. And for that matter it won't get you even close to doing aiki.
Fighting fighting well. It has nothing to do with the subject of good basics to attain aiki in
Otherwise ya might as well call the art, jujutsu and done with it.

Where we agree is that having some measure of IP/aiki and not knowing how to fight has brought a credibility gap. One which has been worsened by those deluded and timid souls thinking they understand IP/aiki and going about their business constantly evading attacking energy by twirling and making large body displacements and thinking they are demonstrating Ki strength. I am just as saddened by this stuff as you are.

The major difference between you and I, is actually having IP/aiki and then the ability to use it fight with, not the end goal of effective delivery.

I agree, but the other side of that mantra is.... "Most people I have met and talked to, were convinced they already had it and got it to some degree....until they did actually.......feeeel it?
And friend is why ten thousand words of debate all person, and why one by one...people are seeing the thruth of the real power behind these arts and training it!
All the best
As I keep saying Dan, lets see it on video, you are the man with the know how? Lets see it as well as feeeeel it Maybe it's what I do? jujutsu that is.... You are good at telling this to us, so why not let us see it? It's all I ask.....
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