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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

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ASU is a big organization. People in ASU have also cross trained in MMA. So what? My comments in this discussion were all drawn from Saotome Sensei's books. you should read them.
I have Saotome Sensei's books, the version I have of "Aikido And the Harmony of Nature" I got back in the mid 80's. I trained with Saotome Sensei many times during the 80's when he came to California and we hosted him once at the old Orange County Aiki Kai dojo in Orange, CA. Of all the Aikido teachers I have had the opportunity grab grab onto over the years he is one that threw me without me understanding what was happening, movement without physical indicators, no tension in his arms or shoulders, without me feeling weight shift or exchange of momentum. This one time with Saotome Sensei at the OCAK dojo in 1983 is part of why I have looked for what was hidden. I can tell you that how what happened to me then by Saotome Sensei he was not teaching and I was around him every time he came to Southern California back then. It was something I had to seek on my own or get help from others looking for the same thing.

Dan Harden is for me one of several sources I utilize at the moment in a continuing journey.......maybe you should try him sometime.

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